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Do it yourself bankruptcy can save thousands of dollars on legal
fees by completing your bankruptcy forms without an attorney.

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Have you done your best to keep up with your bills? Are you trying to avoid bankruptcy? Do you feel as if paying your bills for a few more months won't make a difference in the long run?

Should you file bankruptcy or should you hang in there, suffering day after day, trying to manage your looming debt?

Creditors are always calling; the debts, interest expense and late fees continue to increase; and the psychological stress and pressure is never-ending with no apparent solution.

It is easy for financial situations to quickly spin out of control and the reason for the crushing financial difficulty is not important. The very act of filing for bankruptcy will immediately stop all collection efforts including harassing phone calls.

When you decide you've had enough, is a comprehensive solution for completing bankruptcy forms online, customized for your state. Ours is the most efficient and cost effective do-it-yourself solution available for either an individual filing or a joint filing with your spouse.

A bankruptcy attorney can cost thousands of dollars. When money is already tight, coming up with the amount necessary to hire an attorney can often be nearly impossible. Don't be made to believe that you must use an attorney to file for bankruptcy! Our solution provides you with all of the bankruptcy documents, as well as the instructions, direction and guidance so that you can file your bankruptcy petition quickly and confidently.

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Our Guarantee

We stand behind our work and guarantee that we will not make mistakes in drawing up your documents with the information you have provided. Our guarantee is that your bankruptcy will be accepted by the court and that your debts will be discharged, provided the information you have made available is accurate, or you can request a full refund.

Means Test

The Means Test is required when filing personal bankruptcy. If you pass the Means Test then you qualify to have your debts discharged. offers a free preliminary Means Test. Read more about the Means Test here.

Bankruptcy Facts

It is estimated that well over 1,000,000 people file for bankruptcy each year.
It is important to understand the bankruptcy basics before filing.
While filing for bankruptcy is governed by the federal courts, property rights are governed by the states.

  Chapter 7 Chapter 13
Overview Discharges unsecured debts Reorganizes unsecured debts
Money Owed for Debts All collection efforts must stop immediately 3 to 5 year payment plan established
Means Test Required Yes No
Credit Report Duration 10 years 7 years

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